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Watermelon whisky sour today, by the way. We were fortunate enough to find this magical stuff that is PURE BOTTLED WATERMELON JUICE. WHAT?! It’s amazing because it so refreshing and full of flavor, but not sugary and sticky like most juices. Mix it with whisky, mix it with gin, vodka, whatever! I like to add lime juice, a couple dashes of angostura bitters, and some sweetener to taste. Fresh mint leaves if you’ve got them. Homemade ginger vodka sometimes, and it’s even been great with a touch of absinthe or chartreuse. Yes, my friends, this is what a real energy drink looks like.

So there you go, a multitude of vague cocktail recipes written in paragraph form.

Chilling Out.


This is not my best work for sure- just a few minutes worth of sketching… but to be honest, I wasn’t even really sure I was in any mood for drawing today. However, I’ve really been working on being more relaxed rather than stressed when approaching drawing- a mental shift I’m really finally starting to be able to enjoy more… I’ve lately learned that it’s actually O.K. if I open my mouth and end up saying something stupid (which happens uhm, often) and now I’m learning to accept that it’s O.K. if I start drawing and end up with something, well, stupid. Easy chat, eh?

So on that note- take it easy! Later on guys.